Adolescent Issues

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” ~Thoreau



Ask any parent about the teenage years and you will hear a groan and a sigh. They are difficult years that seemingly overnight turn your cuddly, bright children into moody, contrary people that have an answer for everything. However, at the same time, those kids that you no longer quite recognize are going through amazing transformations. They are seeing the world in new ways, discovering who they are and what they want to become! And they do it all through the first lens they know – the family unit! Communication is key during this transition period into adulthood. Do you need a translator in your house? I am fluent in teenspeak and parent too! I can help!


We all know that how a person feels about themselves is key to success. But your teenager is no longer listening to you! They are drawing their feedback from music, TV, friends, and school! How do you get through to them? And how do you know if they are in trouble? Do they isolate perhaps a little too much? Say things that indicate they think they aren’t good enough? A self esteem check up might be in order! Poor self esteem is often the first indicator of larger problems like depression. Lets get ahead of it before it gets bigger!


We live in one of the most competitive areas in the nation for school performance, and while it is natural for parents to want their children to be their best, we must also encourage balance. Whether your child is the next soccer star or is out to cure cancer, if they cant sleep at night or focus on regular daily activities, they wont get very far. Is your child afraid to take tests? Constantly worried about grades or college entrance applications? Avoiding homework for fear of failure? It may be time to talk.


Medications can only take you so far when it comes to focusing and good habits. Parents need to know how to be healthy role models and set realistic expectations. Sometimes intervention at school is needed as well so your child is properly supported. Lets work together to get past the diagnosis and help your child succeed at school and home.



This is a growing epidemic that I treat frequently. It is indeed very scary and requires careful attention. It is not always a suicidal gesture, but it cannot be ignored. If you believe your child has cut or engaged in any self harm activities whatsoever, immediate intervention is necessary.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender teens are coming out to their friends and families at much earlier ages now. Though they enter a more educated world, they still face harsh realities that include rejection, bullying, depression and safety issues. Where they do not find love and support, they face higher suicide rates and are more likely to abuse substances to deal with their emotional pain. Parents, you make the difference. Lets work together towards love, acceptance, and understanding.


If your teen is experiencing difficulty in some or all of the following areas please have them seen as soon as possible: Significant change in eating habits; significant change in sleeping habits; withdrawal from people and activities they previously enjoyed; abrupt drop in grades; engaging in substance use and/or sexual activity. Parents, please follow your instincts. If you think your child is in trouble, act now. If you need immediate assistance, take your child to the nearest Emergency Room or dial 911.



“When our teen was faced with disruptive, challenging emotions and dangerous behaviors, we turned to the highly recommended Dr. Audrey to help our family understand, respond and care for her as an individual and as a family unit to work toward positive change. Dr. Audrey is dedicated and committed to my teen and her short and long term growth to adulthood that is based in character, integrity and consistency. She works with her to think through the choices she makes with a shift to intrinsic (vs extrinsic ) rewards and helping her find her true positive self. She provides a safe place for my teen to apply critical thinking to the behaviors and choices she makes in all areas of her life socially, academically, athletically and examines the relationship within herself and her goals. Dr. Audrey has been this journey with us as a family through our rollercoaster and spiral to rock bottom and our climb back up. I don’t know of anyone I trust more with our most treasured possession. She is a true adaptable partner with my teen and her empathy towards her issues. As parents, she guides us to be stronger and confident and we are significantly different parents than we were when we first started seeing her.

Along with her incredible expertise in teens from a physiological and psychological standpoint, she also an active and connected member of the community with her volunteer work with the police department and CISD, has alliances to share and she is also able to draw upon her own personal experiences having a teen herself.

I can honestly say she is saving my teen and my family and the fact that my teen looks forward to her sessions and comes out with things to think about, act upon and test out is a true testament to Dr. Audrey and the trust has grown with our teen and family. Lastly, she give us hope, optimism and inspires us to continue positive changes in her treatment.”

“Usually it’s easy take care of our body by going to the doctor for check up, prevention, or treatment. It’s harder to see how our emotions could affect our lives and the people around us. That’s why I believe in taking responsibility for our emotions with a professional. My family took that step of prevention for my daughter, treatment for my son, and support for my husband and me. We have seen the improvements in our lives. That was our best decision and we are so thankful to God that we are going to Dr. Audrey.”

“I always tell patients that visiting with Dr. Kteily is a great opportunity to improve their view of themselves…the most important opinion you can have. She is able to help work though the events that life has thrown at you and you find yourself unable to deal with.”

“Dr Kteily has saved my family and has become the key driver in allowing our family to live a healthy, respectful and loving culture. Our child has been dealing with multiple disabilities including depression, anxiety, autistic spectrum issues, confidence, and social development issues.”
“ It can be tough working with a depressed teenager who doesn’t like to share her feeling, but Audrey was patient and understanding week after week. Every session she brought new and different ways for our daughter to open up.”
“My patients love Dr. Audrey. She is very empathetic and a great listener. She has a professional, warm, comfortable office and is available at convenient times to see patients during the day, or after work or school. She is sharp to point out where…”