A recent article published online by The Wall Street Journal addresses the problems that many women have when it comes to seeking help in their marriage or dating relationships.  The problem… Many times men refuse to go.  However, new research seems to indicate men are far more likely to participate in couple’s therapy if the counseling is more oriented around practical solutions and measurable outcomes, rather than the discussion of his feelings or emotions.

“I don’t want to pick on women—they are usually hurt because they want the connection—but the way they try to get their husband to open up is by shaming him, which never works.” – Psychologist Gary Brooks, Author of “Beyond the Crisis of Masculinity”

This approach to couple’s therapy attempts to circumnavigate the age-old stereotype about men and their reluctance to open up and talk about their feelings.  Furthermore, it seeks to get to the heart of men by tapping into the innate desire that many many have to be solutions-oriented and to see tangible results.

Source: Read the entire article at The Wall Street Journal