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“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” ~Thoreau

The Gift

As  parents and adults (35 and above for clarity), I believe we have an easy tendency to forget. I understand that’s a vague statement, but please give me a small sliver of your time and I will take you on a journey that I call, “The Gift”. When I say that parents and adults forget, I am referring to the idea that we too were once young adults. As young adults, we forget that we were once teenagers, and as teens we were once kids. The fact that the memory is absent from these necessary developments of our current state of being, creates the opportunity for a void to develop. That void creates lack of communication and that lack of communication creates the ultimate inability to properly connect and grow as a united front (especially within a family). The purpose of me saying this is because I want to take a moment and talk about an amazing human being who entered my life and blessed me with the opportunity to observe “The Gift”. This beautiful soul that I speak of is the wonderful Dr. Audrey Kteily PhD, LPC-S (known to many as Dr. K.).

Before I continue, allow me to identify the author of this message. My name is Tonard “Officer Tee” Warmsley, and I currently work as a police officer with the City of Coppell in Coppell, Texas. I’m a 16-year veteran of this police department and I have a combined total of 20 years of law enforcement experience. In addition, I am also a proud veteran of the United States Army (1999-2002). The message I provided is that of my independent experience and belief and in no way do I want to portray this writing as a reflected opinion of the City of Coppell or the Coppell Police Department…


“I’ve known Dr. Audrey for a many years and she has always found a way to serve this community. Dr. Audrey has a deep passion for helping families become healthy, strong, and resilient; we all need those things right now. Over the years, families have reached out to me in confidence for counseling referrals. People come and go here, but Dr. Audrey has always been at the top of my list to recommend to individuals, young and old. Dr. Audrey is a leader and cares deeply about our wonderful community. Dr Audrey is known for providing the best possible talent to meet your and your family’s needs daily. I highly recommend working with professionals that make a difference. Dr. Audrey is caring and compassionate. Besides providing services and information, she trains and supports other professionals. Her multicultural setting and interdisciplinary team are welcoming to all and she creates a solid therapeutic alliance with clients. Dr. Audrey is available and dedicated to you and your kids, schools, and the entire community.”

Tracy Fisher
Texas Master Trustee
Education Advocate

“My patients love Dr. Audrey. She is very empathetic and a great listener. She has a professional, warm, comfortable office and is available at convenient times to see patients during the day, or after work or school. She is sharp to point out where they can make improvements in the way that they frame their relationships with others or with themselves. This helps to get the best out of life and of themselves.

I always tell patients that visiting with Dr. Kteily is a great opportunity to improve their view of themselves…the most important opinion you can have. She is able to help work though the events that life has thrown at you and you find yourself unable to deal with. In addition to her caring personality and quick wit, my patients not only say they love the way she helps them, they love her too!!

John P Quinlan DC
Coppell, TX

Game-changer. Life-changer.

My family has the deepest gratitude for the incredible impact Dr. Audrey had on my daughter’s life, and by extension, our entire family. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have truly been a lifeline during one of the most challenging periods of our lives.

When we first sought her help, our family was in a state of turmoil. Our daughter was grappling with overwhelming emotions and facing difficulties that seemed insurmountable. We felt lost and helpless, unsure of how to navigate the complexities of our daughter’s mental health. That’s when Dr. Audrey entered our lives like a beacon of hope.

From the very beginning, her genuine compassion and empathy were evident. She not only listened attentively but also made our daughter feel heard and understood, something she needed more than we knew. Dr. Audrey’s ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space allowed her to open up in ways we had never seen before. This, in itself, was a profound breakthrough.

Her expertise and professionalism were evident in every session. Her knowledge of various therapeutic techniques, combined with her tailored approach and understanding of our community and school system, played a pivotal role in helping our daughter regain their emotional balance. Her guidance helped my daughter develop coping strategies and self-awareness, empowering her to face their challenges with resilience and strength.

Beyond her therapeutic techniques, Dr. Audrey’s unwavering support and encouragement were a constant source of inspiration. She instilled in our daughter a belief in her own abilities and worth, which has been transformative. Dr. Audrey’s commitment to her well-being extended beyond her office, as she provided resources and guidance to us as parents, helping us better support our daughter through her journey.

Today, I am overjoyed to say that my daughter is on a path of healing and growth, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Audrey. The transformation we have witnessed is nothing short of miraculous. She not only saved my daughter’s life, but Dr. Audrey also gave her the gift of hope, self-love, and a brighter future. So much so, my daughter plans to follow in Dr. Audrey’s footsteps and be a therapist for kids with challenges as she had.

We will forever be grateful for Dr. Audrey’s dedication, expertise and compassion. She is not just a therapist but a true guardian angel who walked beside us during our darkest hours.

“Dr Kteily has saved my family and has become the key driver in allowing our family to live a healthy, respectful and loving culture. Our child has been dealing with multiple disabilities including depression, anxiety, autistic spectrum issues, confidence, and social development issues.Four six years we tried multiple therapists and professionals in Coppell and did not make any progress. That changed the day we meet Dr. Kteily. She not only took the time to diagnose our child but she took her time to get to know our entire family including our other children, my wife and I. She spent time in our home, she met with school officials, our pediatrician, and other medical professionals helping us in order to get a complete picture of our challenges. She came to our home, she attended games and events to truly see what was happening in our child’s world.

Today, over a year later I can tell you we have achieved tremendous progress, we have a much healthier family where we can go on vacations and flourish as a proud family. Our child is doing dramatically better in school as well as extracurricular activities. Dr. Kteily did what many other professionals could not do for us. I believe the difference is that she brings an unmatched devotion and commitment to getting it right. If it takes spending extra time examining or experiencing your real world situations with you or your impacted family member, she does it. She goes the extra mile. She gets behind the challenge or problem and does so not just inside her warm and relaxing office.

I can’t urge you enough to reach out to Dr. Kteily if you, your family or a specific family member has challenges functioning in he manner you expect and aspire. Dr. Kteily is an amazing professional whom I could not imagine not having as part of my child and my entire families development.”

There are so many wonderful things to say about Dr. Audrey Kteily. After the first initial meeting we knew that we had made the right decision. Our daughter immediately was comfortable with Audrey. It can be tough working with a depressed teenager who doesn’t like to share her feeling, but Audrey was patient and understanding week after week. Every session she brought new and different ways for our daughter to open up.

In time, we saw a remarkable difference in her. One of the best parts of our time with Audrey was seeing how happy she has made our daughter. She is compassionate and encouraging, yet always professional and goal-oriented. Audrey is just terrific and we would strongly recommend her.