Could one of your family members be in need of Psychotherapy? It isn’t always easy to tell, especially when many people tend to keep silent about their mental health problems. However, there are several signs that, if exhibited, strongly suggest that your family member may be in need of psychotherapy.

It’s worth noting that just because someone does exhibit these signs doesn’t mean for sure that they will need psychotherapy, but it’s a strong indicator that they might.

So what are the signs to look out for?

They are Exhibiting Unusual or Uncharacteristic Behavior

Is anyone in your family behaving in a way that they didn’t behave before? This could be normal, or it could be their way of dealing with underlying mental health issues. Maybe they’ve been having mood swings lately. Or maybe they seem to be “disconnected” compared to how they used to be. You know it best when someone in your family is behaving unusually, and it could be a sign that something is wrong.

They Begin to Suffer from Unusual Illnesses or even Drug Abuse

Mental anxiety can cause any number of illnesses. So if a family member begins to suffer from unusual illnesses, it could be a sign of problems with mental health. Some possible illnesses are headaches, chest pains, dizziness, insomnia, diarrhea, and even panic attacks. (That’s just a few.) Another illness is drug abuse, so if you suspect a family member is abusing drugs, it could also be a sign of psychological issues.

They Have Experienced Some Past Trauma

Maybe your family member had some traumatic event in their past? A death of someone they loved? A car accident? Being a victim of violence? They experience sexual abuse? Or a natural disaster? Any of these types of traumatic events could trigger other psychological issues, and this could require psychotherapy.

On their own each of these signs may not be serious enough to require psychotherapy. But if someone is exhibiting all of these signs, or exhibiting one or two of them intensely, then it may be possible they need to see a family psychotherapist.

Deciding whether to seek psychotherapy is a major choice which requires careful consideration, and at Coppell Family Therapy we can help you with this difficult choice. All you need to do is call us today and have all your questions answered.