We just had Halloween (one of my favorite times of the year)! That means Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far behind. This is a wonderful time of year, but sometimes people feel that these are really stressful times as well.


The Issue


These are times when families normally get together with each other. There’s a lot of prep, a lot of lists, and a lot of demands to meet. People want certain gifts and we want to make them happy. That can also translate into anxiety, and sometimes into depression. Sometimes people get the blues around the holidays. Also, if you have things that have gone kind of poorly around the holidays, this time of year brings up anniversaries and remembrances of things that are not great to remember.


The Solution


There are some things you can try during the holidays to help yourself with all of this. First of all, continue to make sure to get your “me” time. Make sure that you grab a cup of coffee for yourself, and do some self-care. You don’t have to meet everyone’s demands or wants and needs. You should meet your own needs first!


Your Next Step


Make sure you’re taking some time to savor the spirit of the holiday, not just the gift buying, but the smells, the togetherness, and the kindness of friends and family that you do find supportive. These things make the holidays that much richer!