I get a lot of questions about anger. People come to me in sessions and say, “I’m angry all the time! I’m irritable, and I don’t know what’s going on!”


Get To The Root


Yes, anger is really hard to manage sometimes. I use an analogy called “Angry Iceberg” to talk about anger. When you look at an iceberg you only see the small portion that’s on top of the water. There is a much larger portion underneath. It’s much the same with anger. The small part of the iceberg is the anger people see on the outside. Yelling, pain, injury, throwing things, giving someone the silent treatment, etc.—these can all be symptoms of a much larger problem.


Underneath the water is more deeply rooted feelings, things like abandonment, rejection, betrayal, pain, or even frustration.


Your Next Step


So when you see anger, you may be seeing just a small portion of something much bigger and deeper to work through.


If you’d like to talk more about this idea, please give me a call!