Dr. Audrey Kteily PhD, LPC-S

Dr. Audrey Kteily has over 20 years experience in her field. She holds a PhD from Texas Womans University specializing in Family Studies; a Masters degree in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University, and her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Texas Women’s University. She has held her Licensed Professional Counselor status since 2001 and her Supervisory status since 2004. She is a member of the National Council on Family Relations, Texas Council on Family Violence, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. Dr. Kteily’s varied career has included working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, severe mental illness and co-morbid diagnoses, addictions, PTSD/Complex PTSD, and supporting LGBTQ+ families and their children.

Dr Audrey believes that clients and therapists will reach the best possible outcomes where they are allowed to be fully authentic. This belief is applied in every possible way, including the office decor and dress code. (No suits for Dr Audrey!) Dr Audrey is proud to support a diverse multidisciplinary team of specialists that create a client experience that is unparalleled. Rest assured, Dr Audrey may not get to provide therapy to every client that comes in, she is aware of all of the families being served and the progress they are making.

Dr Audrey lives with her wife, daughter, and 2 very spoiled cats in Coppell. She is a proud Ravenclaw, a Hamilton geek, still plays with Legos and loves all things nerdy.


Dr. Kteily is a passionate parenting authority. She excels in helping parents see the world through their child’s eyes while shaping their responses to be the most effective, firm, and loving possible. Dr. Kteily believes in the strength of the family unit, in all forms.

  • PhD specializing in Family Systems
  • Passionate about creating healthy dynamic families
  • Enjoys working with all ages, specializing in teens
  • Effective parenting strategies to assist in creating a therapeutic atmosphere at home
  • Quick to address all dynamics in the family system, offering support to all members


“My patients love Dr. Audrey. She is very empathetic and a great listener. She has a professional, warm, comfortable office and is available at convenient times to see patients during the day, or after work or school. She is sharp to point out where…”

“I always tell patients that visiting with Dr. Kteily is a great opportunity to improve their view of themselves…the most important opinion you can have. She is able to help work though the events that life has thrown at you and you find yourself unable to deal with.”

“Dr Kteily has saved my family and has become the key driver in allowing our family to live a healthy, respectful and loving culture. Our child has been dealing with multiple disabilities including depression, anxiety, autistic spectrum issues, confidence, and social development issues.”
“ It can be tough working with a depressed teenager who doesn’t like to share her feeling, but Audrey was patient and understanding week after week. Every session she brought new and different ways for our daughter to open up.”