My Child’s Grades Are Slipping


  “My kid’s not turning in their homework! My kid’s not doing well. Their grades are slipping!” What could be the root cause   When this happens we start to work with the child on their organization and prioritizing. When you think about it, there are about 30 different kids in each class at school. [...]

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How To Relieve Holiday Stress


    We just had Halloween (one of my favorite times of the year)! That means Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far behind. This is a wonderful time of year, but sometimes people feel that these are really stressful times as well.   The Issue   These are times when families normally get together with [...]

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Have You Noticed the Signs That It’s Time for Teen Counseling?


When you think of teen counseling, you may immediately think of someone else’s child and not your own. After all, teenagers are all going to be distant and difficult, and it’s no surprise that their habits have changed…right? While each family unit is unique and teenagers do go through their fair share of changes, there [...]

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Benefits of Family Counseling


Problems within the family unit happen a lot, and dealing with those problems quickly and properly is important. That is why family counseling can be beneficial for most families. Sometimes minor problems have a way of spiraling out of control and you need an objective party to assist you in creating a long-term solution for [...]

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ADHD Counseling and How to Fully Support the Family


Dealing with ADHD is an extremely difficult thing for a patient. It doesn’t matter if it is a child or an adult, keeping those extreme feelings and emotions under control can be hard and that is where a good counseling session can come in. ADHD counseling can help to make some of your everyday struggles [...]

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Important Benefits of Family Counseling


All families will go through certain stresses and issues at some point, and if you feel like you need some assistance, we are here to help. When issues seem out of control or beyond correction, a great option is family counseling. Safe Environment to Talk Counseling is a safe place to deal with any problem, [...]

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3 Myths About Teenage Counseling Debunked


When you’ve started to notice that your teenager has trouble at school, making friends, or that they have lost self-esteem over the years, you may have considered teenage counseling only to hear a few myths, and then decide against it. However, before you make that choice, you should know that there are actually a few [...]

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The Skills That Teen Counseling Can Help Develop


As your child ages and enters the teen years, you may start to notice they display signs of anxiety and lose confidence in daily activities. In fact, these emotions and actions can start to have a negative impact on your entire family and quality of life. Teen counseling is designed to improve the relationship of [...]

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3 Ways Teen Counseling Improves Your Family Unit


There are numerous reasons why parents begin to consider whether or not teen counseling will be right for their family. When you start to notice grades suffer, more disobedient actions than normal, or an unusual lack of self-esteem, you may wonder if this is normal for your child. However, If you’ve felt like this before [...]

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Why Invest in Family Counseling?


If you struggle to communicate with your kids or have noticed that someone in your family is displaying the signs of a mood disorder, you may not know how far the line is before it’s time to invest in family counseling. A family counselor understands that tempers rise in the home and this can make [...]

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